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Hindi is such an extensive language and it can sometimes be difficult to find a Hindi English Dictionary because of the issue with alternate fonts and the complexity that derives from the Hindi Language.

However, if you are planning to venture into a territory where the natives speak Hindi, or if you have a business meeting or have met an online conversation partner, you can rest easy knowing that you have a Hindi English Dictionary to help you to commune which is easy to use and manipulate.

This Hindi English Dictionary is the Shandkosh Dictionary which is provided by the Hinkhoj Dictionary which have approximately two lakh words. The dictionary will show Hindi words in the native devnagri fonts as well as the phonetic translation to the English language.

Shabdkosh-Hindi English Dictionary provided by HinKhoj Dictionary.

Hinkhoj dictionary have around two lakh words. It shows hindi words in devnagri fonts in addition to their phonetic transliteration to english.

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Hindi English Dictionary 6.1 Free Download screenshot